Our Vision

Balance Now is a non-profit think-tank that works towards bringing balance to various aspects of social and economic life through research and public outreach.

We use data to analyze and showcase the diversity of leadership in institutions and entities who lead various aspects of our lives, from the content we consume to the products we use to governmental decisions made on our behalf and whether the leadership represents those whom they represent. We envision our platform to serve as a reflection of where we are at this stage and present innovative ways we can bring more balance.

Balance Now is a California-based registered 501(c) non-profit founded in 2020.

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Our Process

We do this through a three-step process. We research and gather data to analyze where we stand - for example, how diverse is a company’s leadership in comparison to the US population. We then make that data accessible free to the public in a user-friendly and accessible format, such as social media posts and our database. Third, we generate our own insight and analytics based on the data and conversations with experts in the space through interviews, written articles and reports.

Disclaimer & Corrections

As with any research project, a 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed, however we do our best to aim for complete accuracy in presentation of data. In cases of any inaccuracies, anyone has the ability to submit corrections via this form.

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Data Source & Usage

All data presented on Balance Now is publicly available information and sourced directly from the entity’s official website or other publications. In cases where we use third-party data, we reference the source accordingly.

Our platform provides the information to the public without any limitations and encourages its use for lawful and constructive purposes. Our platform cannot be used for any commercial or non-commercial purposes without permission.

Want to join our team?

We have internships and volunteer positions open in various teams such as Research, Data, Technology, Marketing, Writing, Outreach and more!